Kaabo Mantis: The best electric scooter?

Is Kaabo Mantis the best electric scooter out there? The answer of thousands of users would be a simple “Yes”. Considering all aspects (components, capabilities, price) Kaabo Mantis is currently the best electric scooter in its category of light racing e-scooters. Continue reading to find out why.

Components of Kaabo Mantis

Kaabo Mantis uses high-end components and materials, without compromising on quality. Buying an original Kaabo Mantis from, you have a guarantee of the original LG/Samsung battery, original MiniMotors controller/display, and other components of well-known original producers. The original Mantis components are not comparable with some of the cheap unknown electric scooters out there. Kaabo Mantis feels solid, safe, and stable when riding, no matter slowly or when racing.

Capabilities of Kaabo Mantis

The designers of Kaabo Mantis did a great job designing a high-end advanced racing scooter, without forgetting about its highly advanced riding capabilities. It’s not all about placing the largest possible components together, as then you lose the riding advantages and gain unwanted weight. The Mantis is the only scooter out there with such acceleration, high speed, amazing torque motors with a high-capacity battery while weighing under 30 kilograms.
The agility is a true advantage of the Mantis.
There are faster e-scooters on the market but usually with over 45-55 kilograms, which heavily slows the cruising speed anywhere except the long straight streets.
The Kaabo Mantis is a true all-in-one electric scooter that can be used as the fastest device to cruise in large cities (Kaabo Mantis 8) as well as a true off-road winner (Kaabo Mantis 10).

The best electric scooter: Price & Free Shipping understands that the best electric scooters with excellent specifications are not all that matters, so they are proud to offer an outstanding affordable pricing with included free shipping to all European Union mainland countries. The goal is to make Kaabo Mantis accessible to everyone with a wish to own an outstanding high-performance electric scooter.

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