Mantis 8 vs. Mantis 10: What’s the difference?

Kaabo Mantis 8 vs. Mantis 10. The difference is not only in tire sizes but in other specifications as well.

So the first difference is pretty obvious. The Kaabo Mantis 8 uses 8-inch tires compared to Kaabo Mantis 10 which uses 10-inch tires. Both of those tire sizes have advantages as well as disadvantages in some cases. Smaller tires accelerate a bit faster and are a little better in fastly turning left or right. 8-inch tires are more appropriate for city use with nice roads.
Larger 10-inch tires have a little faster final speed and are less bumpy, therefore more comfortable for all-terrains. 10-inch tires can be 2,5 or 3-inch wide. Larger tires also make an e-scooter slightly taller.

The second difference can vary a bit due to the many different components available in Mantis 8. But Mantis 10 usually contains a bit stronger components as it is made for all-terrains including long-range tours and off-road craziness. Therefore Mantis 10 usually has stronger motors, a larger capacity battery, and better MiniMotors throttle compared to Mantis 8.

Mantis 8 comes with left and right blinkers. That feature itself is pretty revolutionary for driving in areas with more traffic. The left/right button is accessible with the left-hand thumb and instantly turns on the blinkers at the end of the scooter so the vehicle behind you can see that the rider is changing the direction.

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