Kaabo Wolf King+

Wolf King is one of the fastest and most powerful electric scooters ever build! High performance & High-quality Kaabo scooter is made to last. The ugliest of off-road terrains like hills, forests, sandy beaches, snow, or mud are all Wolf Kings’ second homes. This serious tool has dual 1500w brushless 72v motors that deliver up to 6720 watts of peak power and the ability to demolish 50% inclines. The top speed is 100km/h with a huge optimum range of 150km.


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Kaabo Wolf King+ 3000w 72v 28AH Twin Motor Off-Road Electric Scooter

Kaabo Wolf Warrior King+ by name and by nature. This serious tool has dual 1500w brushless 72v motors that deliver up to 6720 watts of peak power and the ability to demolish 50% inclines. The top speed is 100km/h with a huge optimum range of 150km thanks to the 72v 28Ah upgraded LG / Samsung lithium battery. Kaabo Wolf Warrior King+ is known to be the best off-road electric scooter.

Kaabo Wolf King+ Main Advantages

  • Dual 1500w Brushless 72v Motors with a peak of 6720 watts results in one of the fastest and most powerful e-scooters ever built.
  • Motorcycle Grade Upside Down Forks and Dual Rear Shocks make sure the ride always feels stable, smooth, and safe.
  • Minimotors® Throttle and Controller is known to be the best controller on the market with outstanding performance.
  • Fast Dual Charging allows the battery to be charged with two chargers at the same time, cutting charging time in half.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes With ABS make sure the scooter slows down safely when breaking, with a short braking distance.
  • Strong Front LED Headlights truly brighten up the surrounding area at night-time, making it safer for the user.
  • 11-inch Off-Road Capable Tires are capable of conquering any terrain, including the hardest off-road mud/snow/sand.
  • Foldable Kaabo Wolf King Design makes it more portable as it can be placed in a trunk of a car or stored in an apartment.
  • Double Lock System is an additional safety feature that makes sure the stem is in its correct position during high speeds.
  • Rubber Anti-Slip Deck offers the rider a good grip on the standing deck, therefore the shoes will never slip off the deck.
  • LED Side Lighting makes the scooter additionally visible during the night with nice blue light and offers a futuristic outlook.

Dual 1500w Brushless 72v Motors

Putting out 6720 watts of peak power, the Kaabo Wolf King Pro+ can demolish 50% inclines with ease. Hitting a top speed of 100km/h on flat ground, it has plenty of power to take anything in its stride. The high-capacity LG / Samsung 28Ah 72v battery has a honeycomb bracket and the customized BMS makes the battery safer with a more powerful current and power output. This is what helps to accompany you to explore up to 150km on the Wolf King+ on just one charge! (Dependant on rider weight and terrain). Keeping weight down to 48kg, this scooter doesn’t compromise anything for performance.
Kaabo Wolf King 72V 1500W Fast Escooter

Motorcycle Grade Upside Down Forks and Dual Rear Shocks

Using motorcycle-grade upside-down front forks, the Wolf King+ has plush suspension which is both responsive and confidence-inspiring. With a dual rear coil shock which has the damper built into the rear swingarm, you’re given the ability to enhance your riding profile for any situation.

Minimotors® Throttle and Controller

The Minimotors® throttle and controller are renowned for the additional features and settings it offers. Built with the new EY3 LCD display and the newly updated eco and dual buttons, you can ride on single motor mode if you want to conserve battery, or switch to dual motor mode whenever you need the extra push. You can also activate the TURBO mode when you need even more power for top performance. Allowing ABS and regenerative braking to be adjusted, the Wolf King Pro+ can be personally set up the way you like it.
Minimotors EY3 On Kaabo Wolf King

Fast Charging of Kaabo Wolf King+

Coming with a single charger as standard, the Wolf King+ offers the option to charge with dual chargers to literally half the charging time, reducing the charging time from 19+ hours down to approximately 10 hours!
Kaabo Wolf King Dual Charging

Hydraulic Disc Brakes With ABS

Optimizing stopping performance, this powerhouse has been fitted with hydraulic disc brakes front and rear. Providing great stopping power with a positive feeling, these brakes are confidence-inspiring and reassuring of your safety.

Strong Front LED Headlights

With twin LED projector lights on the front, these provide excellent visibility in dark conditions with a long-range view of distant objects. This, paired with the rear LED lights means the rider can be clearly spotted from behind and when on the brakes, the Wolf King Pro+ has the means to keep you safe.
Kaabo Wolf King Strong Front LED Lights

11-inch Off-Road Capable Tires

With cross-sport tires these are suitable for both on-road and off-road conditions, meaning the Kaabo Wolf Warrior King is an ideal all-in-one terrain electric scooter.

Foldable Kaabo Wolf King+

Making the Wolf King+ easy to transport, it can be folded down ensuring fitment into a car and easier to carry upstairs.
Kaabo Wolf King Folded

Double Lock System

Keeping the Wolf King+ locked and safe, the stem has a double lock system that holds the bars in place, keeping your scooter secure when you’re riding as well as during transportation.

Rubber anti-slip on Wolf King+

Grippy and tactile, the Wolf King’s deck keeps your feet planted, allowing you to focus on where you’re going.

LED Side Lighting

Fitted with both LED under glow deck-side lighting, front and rear sidelights, and a bright rear tail light that lights up whenever you toggle your brakes, the Wolf King+ keeps you visible in all light levels meaning there’s no more constant looking over your shoulder.

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Specification: Kaabo Wolf King+

Kaabo ALL

LG Li-ion 60V 35Ah

Battery position

under board


Front and rear hydraulic


125 x 62,5 x 125 cm

Dimensions (Folded)

150 x 28 x 48 cm


Minimotors display / throttle


front & rear wheel drive

Estimated range

115 kilometers (eco / single drive)*


front / side/ rear LEDs


2x 1200W base / 5400W peak


front hydraulic / rear springs

Tire size

11" tubeless tires

Top speed

80 km/h


45,8 kg

Weight limit

150 kg / 330 lbs


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